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The traditional way of manufacturing chocolate is to take the beans from the cacao pod and ferment them after harvesting to remove the bitterness. On the next day, they are roasted to expose the nib. Various bean nibs are blended together to obtain the flavor and then they grind the beans up. Cocoa mass is the resulting paste and it is enhanced with sugar, butter and any other flavorings. Today, the process is easy using technology. There are big machines that calculate the processing time. Machines are big help for them because it makes the work faster and easier.


Did you know that Mayans used chocolates as a medium of exchange?Chocolates back then were being used as payment in return of anything. Chocolates are considered like nuggets of gold. But knowing the chocolates aren’t really gold, these treats are still given with much value.

Milton S. Hershey is the man behind the most successful chocolate manufacturer, the Hershey Company. But did you know that Mr. Hershey is not the one who really invented the Kisses? It is identical to Wilbur Buds which were first made by the Wilbur Chocolate Company in 1894. But God is good, his version became the most famous.

With all the facts mentioned to you, will you still hold yourself from eating chocolates? Enjoy life and enjoy eating chocolates now. Dash to the nearest candy store and buy your very own bar of chocolate!