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Full List of Nestle Chocolates

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Nestle Chocolate Brands List

Providing the world with the healthiest yet balanced treats of life

People deserve wellness in their everyday existence. That’s why there are companies that offer products and services that are essential in people’s lives. One of these firms is the Nestle Group of Companies that has always been there to give people good food ever since.

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To give you a background, Nestlé’s history began in the year 1866 when Henri Nestlé, a trained pharmacist, started experimenting with various combinations of cow’s milk, wheat flour and sugar to create milk for mothers who were incapable of breastfeeding. He then succeeded and his brand became famous and essential for all mothers. Years passed by, Henri Nestlé together with his team, invented other list of products like cereals, water, coffee, beverages and even chocolates. Nestlé’s chocolate is one of the most popular product extensions of the company that made them rich and famous.

Here is the full list of Nestle flavors, sizes and variants:

Nestlé Chocolates Includes in this list with price:

  • Aero 1 bar $3.25
  • Butterfinger 1 bar $2
  • Cailler 1 bar $2.50
  • Crunch 1 bar $1
  • Smarties 1 pack $1.79
  • Orion 1 bar $2.95
  • Wonka 1 bar $2.95

(Take note that prices listed above may change depending on the country where it’s being sold and also to the store itself).

Nestlé list of chocolate brands are long-known for great taste and enjoyment yet, they’re also full of intrinsic goodness that contribute to one’s well-being. With a broad list of products to choose from, Nestlé Chocolates brands can be enjoyed by almost everyone as an enchanting part of a well-balanced diet and active lifestyle. Did you know that Nestlé has a project today for the Cocoa farmers? The company entitled the project “Cocoa Plan” which is a Nestlé’s way of helping to create a better future for Cocoa farmers. Their aim is to help farmers have a productive and profitable farms that respect the environment and provide a good quality of life.

Nestle Chocolate Brands List

Nestlé knows how to take good care of everyone’s life and knows how to value it. The company’s list of chocolate products will still be there giving the world sweetness of life. So if you’re craving for something sweet, be sure to purchase Nestlé chocolates in stores near you. Visit their website as well to keep you updated.

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